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Izumi F-Bleak 8

F-Bleak - our engineers created specifically for the active fishing spinning. Syndicate this bait best three qualities: a healthy weight and body shape - for as long cast, ideally distributed load - for slaydinga and innovative wings exactly matched the size of the bait to control the vertical direction, which allows for a little skill to do emissions bait to the surface, portraying nursing fish. It is no secret that the predatory fish often attacks at a time when fish such as roach and bleak, are in the upper layers of the water and feeding insects. This bait sinking but active twitching can hold her in one plane, and long sharp jerk bait forced to rise to the surface and even jump out of the water, sozdvavaya splash in the water. Try it and you diversify your style fishing lure this interesting F-Bleak.
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
FBLFS09008 0-1 m9 cm21 g
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