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Rapala Scatter Rap Husky SD
10.95 €
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Rapala CountDown Magnum RH

The world's number one salt-water hardbodied lure and No.1 choice for open water trolling. Hand-Tuned and Tank-Tested, the controlled sinking rate Magnums are the perfect choice when fishing suspended fish or fishing submerged growth and structure.They are also deadly on freshwater species such as pike and zander. Patterns for all species the world over.

Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
CDMAG11RH 3.9-4.5 m11 cm24 g
11.90 €
CDMAG22RH 5.4-7.5 m22 cm100 g
15.90 €
CDMAG26RH 5.4-7.5 m26 cm130 g
35.50 €   29.95 €