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Storm Split Tail Seeker Shad DGW
6.95 €
Fishing | Lures | Rapala | Deep Tail Dancer
Rapala Deep Tail Dancer GGS

The Deep Tail Dancer® is specifically designed to dive deep into where the lunkers lie during the mid-summer to early fall months. The Deep Tail Dancer will prove to be an angler’s best companion. Incorporating all the positive attributes that have made the Tail Dancer® a success, the Deep Tail Dancer features an enlarged extreme diving lip that plummets the lure to as deep as 30 feet unassisted. Front red VMC® Pyramid Point hooks (for a wounded minnow simulation) offer quick piercing and the strength to withstand the fiercest battles.
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
TDD07GGS 4.5 m7 cm9 g
10.95 €   9.95 €
TDD09GGS 6 m9 cm13 g
10.95 €   10.50 €
TDD13GGS 12 m13 cm42 g
12.95 €   10.90 €