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Rapala Scatter Rap Husky S
10.95 €
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Shimano Kairiki SX8 Mantis Green PE Braid Line

Advanced 8 carrier Japanese PE braid, manufactured with S-EBT (Shimano Enhanced Body Technology), which increases sensitivity and amplifies the most delicate of bites. Produces tighter, smoother and rounder line for longer casts. Selecting newer and softer PE material (polyethylene) gives a supple feeling that the pro demands. Available in 2 colours: High visibility Mantis Green and low visibility Steel Grey. 150m, 300m and 2700m bulk spools are available in 9 different diameters, from ø 0,07mm to ø 0,33mm.
Art. No Size/Diam Test Length 
KAIRIKI150MG12 0.12 mm7.0 kg150 m
19.95 €
KAIRIKI150MG15 0.15 mm9.0 kg150 m
19.95 €
KAIRIKI150MG20 0.20 mm17.0 kg150 m
19.95 €
KAIRIKI150MG28 0.28 mm28.0 kg150 m
19.95 €
KAIRIKI150MG33 0.33 mm34.0 kg150 m
19.95 €