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Rapala Scatter Rap Husky HFSBR
10.95 €
Makšķerniekiem | Vobleri | Rapala | Weedless Shad
Rapala Weedless Shad CHB

A totally unique body design combined with a wire-guarded VMC® single hook on the back creates the first truly weedless hard bait. A hard paddle tail gives the lure a wobbling, tail-kicking action with very low resistance. Swims effortlessly through weeds without snagging or picking up trash. When allowed to drop on a tight line, the lure swims slowly down, drawing in bites. First Truly Weedless Hardbait Unique Body Design Weedless VMC Single Hook Wobbling, Tail-kicking Action Swims Slowly Down on the Drop Sinking
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WSD08CHB Variable8 cm16 g
7.95 €